“You were right!” she said and her eyes were twinkling. I even thought that, during that quarter of an hour, she had learned to keep her back straighter and her chin higher. “The headmaster thought that I was brave telling the truth. He was reproaching me, of course, but whoa, I feel really good now! And at peace with myself! Thanks!” She gave me a big hug and walked away with light steps.

Students in 8th gradeFrom “A Teacher’s Diary” – Gunnel Sofia Wahlberg-Lindstedt

We really know that you have the ability to see the whole person, in accordance with “the all”.

Ann-Britt & BörjeNorrtälje, 2012

In today’s society you are never encouraged to show how you feel. You get stressed. Your thoughts pass by so quickly you can hardly get a hold of them before they are gone. The question is: is it really worth living like that? Maybe you can live like that for a while, maybe even decades, but one day it will catch up with you. Probably the awakening will not be pleasant. So in order to sort out your thoughts, feelings and dreams, especially in this day and age, you have to find the tools to show you the right way. And now I have learned that those tools are Yoga & Painting.

The College of Marine StudiesFrom a pupil’s logbook during an intensive course in the esthetic program 2014 3rd grade College

“And while we were talking we started to discuss you, and Martin said, that if someone had helped him with his life besides us, it was you. Therefore I wanted to call you, to tell you how grateful we are that you cared so much. Our whole family is grateful, but especially Martin. Thank you very much!”

The mother of a former studentFrom “A Teacher’s Diary” – Gunnel Sofia Wahlberg-Lindstedt

“My father got a better apartment later on and I could live with him downtown, where I studied in high school. I do see my mother as well. And now I am on my way to getting my own apartment because I have started my studies at the University. I’m going to be a doctor, but I work in a restaurant. That is my life, maybe a lot thanks to you!” She said and gave me a big hug.

Former studentFrom “A Teacher’s Diary” – Gunnel Sofia Wahlberg-Lindstedt

Congratulations on an extensive course! 1,000 thanks from all of us! We come from the East and the West, from the South and the North. To sit at the “Lindstedt’s” table once and listen to Gunnel’s welcome-song…  We thought we would go to a painting course, but we were also standing on our toes. Flapping our arms and legs and emptying our heads from all kinds of thoughts, so that we could get into a trance-like stage.

J.A.Course “Yoga & Painting” 2005

Although justice didn’t win, the harassment stopped. The remaining months of the term were relatively quiet. The gang of boys didn’t come up with more antics. Their power had been broken, and it had not been easy and it could have turned out very nastily, but thanks to EQ it turned out quite well. And the same questions follow me forever: why aren’t teachers taught self-awareness, psychology and how to solve conflicts?

AnonymousFrom “A Teacher’s Diary” – Gunnel Sofia Wahlberg-Lindstedt

I will show you some patterns that I painted in the fall and winter. To show you what you ignited within me! It was like spreading the arms, opening the chest and letting the sun in! I felt free and happy! Not a single day passes without thinking of this!

MargaretaSummer course, 2005

I felt euphoric, but still, I said: “Two years ago you didn’t think like that at all. You said that you have to be able to fight or to ask your older cousin to come in order to get respect.” He looked at me as if I were completely stupid and then he smiled so that one of his dimples was visible. His light-brown eyes glittered:

“I was in the 7th grade back then! You should understand that now I know better. I have LEARNED, you see… ”

“So now you think that it is better to talk and communicate than to use your fists?”

“Absolutely!” He said, very self-confident.

Teaching Swedish as a 2nd LanguageFrom “A Teacher’s Diary” – Gunnel Sofia Wahlberg-Lindstedt

“I have started to write a book.” He said.

“Super.” I thought and asked him if I could read some of it.

“When it’s finished.” He said. “You know, I must thank you for helping me become so good with Swedish! And for being my teacher in high school. I finished 9th grade and high school with an outstanding grade!”

Former studentFrom “A Teacher’s Diary” – Gunnel Sofia Wahlberg-Lindstedt